At SELSA we strive to take our classrooms outside of the  school and offer our students opportunities to explore the best British Columbia has to offer.

SELSA offers a wide array of afternoon activities and optional activities that students can take part in. All students take part in team based afternoon activities exploring Victoria and the surrounding areas of Vancouver Island.

For an additional fee, students are able to take part in optional activities that take students on day and weekend trips exploring Vancouver, Whistler and other popular locations on British Columbia's west coast. 

Optional Activities:


Students take a trip to the scenic Whistler mountain and have opportunities to explore the village and natural beauty of its famous landscapes.

Horne Lake camping

An amazing two day camping trip where students explore the old growth forests of Cathedral Grove and the ancient caves of Horne Lake.

Afternoon Activities:


Rooftop beach volleyball

Located in the heart of Downtown Victoria, students get to play beach volleyball on the rooftop courts overlooking the city.

Royal BC museum

Located in the heart of Victoria, the Royal BC Museum offers students a glimpse of British Columbia's long history.



Get out into the beautiful landscapes around Vancouver Island. Scenic waterfalls and breathtaking views are just some of the rewards awaiting students who venture out into the wild.